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This is sounding like a broken record, but another ugly game. Interestingly enough, a couple of Blazers really had pretty good Game Scores. Dale Davis had a darn good one, and McInnis had a surprisingly strong GS, as well.

On the other end, I'm surprised DA's was only -2.4. Just shows how HARD it is to get very far below 0 (although ZR got a remarkable -3.4 against Chicago somehow). 3 guys at -2 Game Scores showed just how little that Portland got off their bench today, and ZR's slump is nasty. :(

Dale Davis 19.4
Jeff McInnis 15.1
Damon Stoudamire 7.9
Qyntel Woods 6.4
Wesley Person 0.6
Zach Randolph 0.3
Rasheed Wallace 0
Ruben Patterson -2.1
Vlad Stepania -2.4
Derek Anderson -2.4

Vince Carter 15.9
Jalen Rose 10.8
Lonny Baxter 9.3
Donyell Marshall 9
Morris Peterson 8.9
Alvin Williams 7.6
Robert Archibald 3.7
Michael Curry 0.6

50+: an historic performance
40-49.9: one of the best games in the entire season
30-39.9: probably the best performance in the league that night
20-29.9: probable Player of the Game selection
15-19.9: a very strong effort
12-14.9: reasonably solid performance
8-11.9: average
5-7.9: subpar game or didn't see many minutes
0-4.9: poor game or used very sparingly
< 0: unbelievably poor game

Ed O.
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