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Ugly game, etc. [Insert something about a broken record.]

Ruben Patterson 20.3
Derek Anderson 11.8
Damon Stoudamire 9.4
Zach Randolph 9.1
Wesley Person 8
Vlad Stepania 7
Jeff McInnis 5
Dale Davis 3.6
Rasheed Wallace 0
Qyntel Woods -0.1

Patterson had what I would bet was his strongest showing of the season (I STILL haven't done all the back games yet) in an ugly loss.

Amare dominated ZR statistically, and no Blazer had a strong game. Stepania and Person were probably the two most efficient players other than RP and neither of them played very much.

Shawn Marion 20.3
Amare Stoudemire 18.3
Joe Johnson 18
Leandro Barbosa 13.4
Jake Voskuhl 11.3
Casey Jacobson 2.6
Howard Eisley 2.6
Donnell Harvey 1.6
Antonio McDyess 1
Jahidi White -0.3
Zarko Cabarkapa -2.3

Five Suns in double-digit GS. This is becoming more common against the Blazers, it seems.

50+: an historic performance
40-49.9: one of the best games in the entire season
30-39.9: probably the best performance in the league that night
20-29.9: probable Player of the Game selection
15-19.9: a very strong effort
12-14.9: reasonably solid performance
8-11.9: average
5-7.9: subpar game or didn't see many minutes
0-4.9: poor game or used very sparingly
< 0: unbelievably poor game

Ed O.

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That's ugly. No, that's being generous.

Against a good team those are ugly numbers.

Against a team that had only won 3 road games prior to tonight AND had lost 6 in a row coming into the Rose Garden, they are absolutely pathetic!

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Originally posted by <b>So Cal Blazer Fan</b>!

Are you sure about Patterson's score of 0?

No. That's wrong. Good catch... my dog was whining because he REALLY needed a walk and I guess I glossed over the Blazers' high scorer. Oops.

Ed O.
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