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An ugly game for Portland, and the game scores reflect that. McInnis is the only Blazer who's consistently getting double-digits game scores, and that's sad.

Jeff McInnis 13
Zach Randolph 8
Vlad Stepania 5.5
Ruben Patterson 5.2
Rasheed Wallace 4.8
Damon Stoudamire 3.8
Derek Anderson 2.6
Qyntel Woods 1.2
Wesley Person -0.8
Slavko Vranes -1.1

Two guys in negatives. Wow. Vranes did it in 3 minutes, and Person took 19 minutes. I don't know which is more sad.

Kevin Garnett 23.6
Latrell Sprewell 15.8
Sam Cassell 13.8
Oliver Miller 12.5
Mark Madsen 7.9
Fred Hoiberg 6.3
Ervin Johnson 5.9
Anthony Goldwire 4.2
Trenton Hassell 0.5
Gary Trent -0.2
Ndubi Ebi -0.5

Garnett only played 31 minutes, and he got a pretty darn good score. Sprewell, Cassell and Oliver Miller all chipped in in the blowout...

50+: an historic performance
40-49.9: one of the best games in the entire season
30-39.9: probably the best performance in the league that night
20-29.9: probable Player of the Game selection
15-19.9: a very strong effort
12-14.9: reasonably solid performance
8-11.9: average
5-7.9: subpar game or didn't see many minutes
0-4.9: poor game or used very sparingly
< 0: unbelievably poor game

Ed O.
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