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An ugly game again, but at least it was a win. Game scores this time around are balanced, which reflects the team's balance on the night.

Dale Davis 14.9
Derek Anderson 14.7
Ruben Patterson 9.8
Vlad Stepania 8.7
Qyntel Woods 7.8
Jeff McInnis 6.9
Damon Stoudamire 5.5
Wesley Person -0.7
Zach Randolph -3.4

Poor game statistically for ZR. Person again was a non-entity... that's mainly because of his lack of PT tonight, though. Tonight's the first time that Portland's top 3 GSs were from bench players.

Damon, as ever, had a bad game.

Jerome Williams 15
Kendall Gill 13.1
Jamal Crawford 12.5
Kirk Hinrich 7.8
Ronald Dupree 3.7
Antonio Davis 1.3
Corie Blount 1
Eddie Robinson -1.5
Eddy Curry -2.5

JYD got a pretty good score, in spite of "only" scoring 14 points. 11 boards and 4 steals will do that, I guess.

Crawford shot like crap, but he scored and did some other things. It was the Dupree/Davis/Curry trio that cost the Bulls the game tonight, IMO. A combined 2.5 in 73 minutes? Ouchies! (To be fair, though, ZR and Damon combined for 2.1 in 71 minutes...)


50+: an historic performance
40-49.9: one of the best games in the entire season
30-39.9: probably the best performance in the league that night
20-29.9: probable Player of the Game selection
15-19.9: a very strong effort
12-14.9: reasonably solid performance
8-11.9: average
5-7.9: subpar game or didn't see many minutes
0-4.9: poor game or used very sparingly
< 0: unbelievably poor game

Ed O.
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