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Game Thread: 3.25.06 Wizards @ Clippers

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3:30 PM on CSN

Los Angeles leads season series 1 - 0

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</td><td width="50"><center>BPG</center></td><td width="34">2.3
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Note the time everyone, this is a rare Saturday afternoon game.

Clippers are a tough team, it'll take one heck of an effort to knock them off on this one. On a personal note, the Clips are my second favorite team, so if we've got to lose at least it's to them :grinning:
Clippers? :whatever:

Gotta try to contain Brand some how, he destroyed us last time in D.C. , him and Maggette.

Edit: Mobely's out, he usually hurts the Wizards.
The Clippers don't scare me for some reason. The fact that the Wizards are on the road does though. So I'm going to predict a close loss.
AJM said:
The Clippers don't scare me for some reason.
This isn't our daddys Clippers

Everyone on the team played atleast 7 mins except Blatche, is he hurt or something? I find that ridiculous.

Wiz giving up an ave. of 108 (107.9) ppg in the last twelve games. :nonono:
That was just a straight butt kicking, from opening tip to final buzzer. Not much to say about this one - Jamison was the only guy to really play a A+ game, Daniels was his usual solid self, defense was pathetic, etc etc. Just got to forget about it and get ready to play one of the winnable games on the road trip against Golden State on Monday.
that was absolutely horrible.
or defense suked completely, and since our offense couldn't make up for it, we lost.
daniels played some good d and jamison was really our only offense producer
donell taylor also played well
and does anybody know where blatche was
is he hurt? did he get cut?
Every game that the Wizards lose makes me dislike Eddie Jordan even more. His substitution patterns and terrible. When Blatche plays, he plays defense, hustles for loose balls, and scores when he's open. For some reason our coach believes that he'd rather play Calvin Booth or Etan Thomas. Booth really can't do much except occasionally hit an open jumper. I think Etan is getting worse. He can'y shoot, can't pass, and can't catch. All he can do is dunk and every once and awhile block a shot. I say we give Blatche at least 10 minutes a game because he can really be something in this league.
Blatche can't handle the Center position, we're stuck with Haywood, Etan, and Booth. I agree Blatche needs to get minutes, Jared Jeffries minutes. I seriously don't think we could get any worst on defense with Blatche instead of Jeffries and the guy can atleast hit a jumper and finish layups, but our coach doesn't see it that way, he sees Blatche as just a rookie that needs to be brought in slowly but IMO the guy is already better than Jeffries. EJ keeps talking about the intangables that Jeffries brings to the team. What intangables is hes referring to? Does he really make them better when hes in the game? Sometimes I feel like they are playing 4 on 5 when Jeffries is in the game. Teams don't even guard him. I hate to rag on the guy, hes a good person but he is not what EJ and the coaching staff thinks he is, or I guess its a seniority thing, whos been on the team the longest gets to start, thats BS. Hes not to blame for Wizards losses, but still after 2 years of starting, hes still not producing, I say now its time for a change.
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