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Game Thread: Bobcats/Heat 3/24/06

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19-49, Fifth, Southeast .. 45-22, First, Southeast

Friday, March 24th, 7:30pm in Miami. Televised on League Pass, News 14 Carolina, and Sun Sports.

Probable Starters

Primo Brezec.......Gerald Wallace........Jumaine Jones........Matt Carroll.............Raymond Felton


..........Bernie Bickerstaff





The Heat are tough. Not Championship tough, but tough enough. Primo up against the monolith that is Shaq is like a chihuahua taking on a Doberman. Shaq changes everything, always has. The only chance the Bobcats really have here is to steal and run from the less co-ordinated, slower, older Heat.
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I'll be looking forward to this. Let's go Bobcats!!
at least the Heat will be rested for this game after that grueling 4 games in 5 nights deal.
gio30584 said:
at least the Heat will be rested for this game after that grueling 4 games in 5 nights deal.
Yeah, that was a tough stretch. No team can do that four-in-five well. I wonder if there are any stats available on the number of wins a team has gotten with that. Five games--how many wins?

raymond felton has a bright future. this guy can ball!

The Heats last game vs the Bobcats. We wont see you guys until next season.

good luck next season! :cheers:
114-93, Heat. Man, when they get themselves going Miami's tough to beat. I'm still betting they don't win the East, but it's going to be tough to stop them.

Helluva game from Raymond Felton. That kid gets better with every game.

Hope Gerald Wallace is all right. Shaq's an animals; somebody needs to kneecap him every time he does that crap.

GW would be a all-star if he wasn't hurt all the time.

As for Ray. I'm going to say this now, when it's all said and done Felton will be the best of this draft class. Even better than Paul.
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