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Game Thread- Hawks @ Magic (4/10)

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Must win game.
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Crazy block by Josh smith and then a nice dunk by Howard.

Down by 3, 15-12.
Hairy Midget said:
Must win game.

lol ... every game is a must win at this point.

Orlando didn't wake up until about 7-8 mins into this game. Orlando should definitely win this with the Magic killer Zaza Pachulia out. Clearly Atlanta isn't going to rollover tonight.
WOW! The crazy and 1 layup by Smith gives them a 26-19 lead.
End of 1 the Hawks lead by 7.

Jameer has been a little sloppy. They need to go to Dwight more.
Magic down by 9.

Harrington has lit a match, hes on fire.
Magic up 52-47 at halftime. Hedo and Jameer with 10 a piece, and Keyon and Darko with 8 each.
TheATLien said:

Go hawks..


Orlando has the momentum now. Jameer finally woke up. Darko played well off the bench. Ariza played well also. Ariza has been rebounding at a very nice rate coming off the bench.
TheATLien said:

Go home hawks..
The team didn't wake up til 3/4 through the second quarter.

Philly and Indy both in 2 pt games right now. It would be nice to see them both lose tonight.
Rough start, but the Magic are playing well now.
They're looking really good out there, now lets just hope Philly loses.
Washington got it down from 7 to 3, but then turned it over.
I've suddenly become Jamal Crawford's #1 Fan. Unfortunately though, both the Knicks and the Wizards are losing to the Sixers and the Pacers.

I wouldn't really mind if the Knicks lose, but the pressure to win the rest of our remaining games about quadruples if the Sixers beat the Wizards tonight.
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