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Game Thread Hornets vs Memphis.

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We are winning 20 seconds left, seems done, JR having a nice game.
But Mr Marc Jackson really exploded tonight, Linton also playing really well.
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Did I say done?
Forgive me, 2 points up, 15 left.
And we wooon!
A very nice game.
I don't know how you can beat a really good NBA team playing the lineup we played tonight.It was really interesting how hard the Grizzlies focused on trying to keep Chris out of the paint.Now we can hope that the Clippers and Warriors can help us get back in the mix.

Postscriptum:I superstitiously suspended my gamethreads because we were losing and they will not return so long as we continue to win games.
Linton had a nice game too and it would have been even better had he not been in foul trouble. Go Hornets!! :banana:
JR Smith was looking pretty good on D tonight too, he actually went man to man against pau gasol and forced him to pass it off early in the game. A little slow on his rotations, but other than that he was very active with his hands and feet. I guarentee even if nothing is being said, byron is pleased with how hes performing on the court.
Doesn't matter whether Scott likes it or not.He has to play Smith because he's just **** out of options.
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