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Game Thread: Monday March 27 @ Miami

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Indiana - (35-33)

Miami - (46-23)

Tip-off – Monday, March 27, 2006 - 7:30pm et
WhereAmerican Airlines Arena

Probable Starters

Tinsley / Jackson / Stojakovic / O'Neal / Pollard


Foster / Granger / Harrison / Fat *** / Jasikevicius / Gill

Pacers Injuries

- Thumb

- Concussion

Points - Jermaine O'Neal 20.9
Rebounds - Jermaine O'Neal 9.8
Assists - Jamaal Tinsley 4.5
Steals - Stephen Jackson 1.23
Blocks - Jermaine O'Neal 2.17
FG% - J. O'Neal .468
FT% - P. Stojakovic .913
3PT% - P. Stojakovic .423

Probable Starters

Wade / Williams / Posey / Haslem / O'Neal


Payton / Walker / Doleac / S. Anderson / D. Anderson / Simien / Barron

Heat Injuries

- Calf

Points - Dwyane Wade 27.6
Rebounds - Shaquille O'Neal 9.2
Assists - Dwyane Wade 6.8
Steals - Dwyane Wade 1.88
Blocks - Shaquille O'Neal 1.7
FG% - Shaquille O'Neal .589
FT% - Jason Williams .883
3PT% - Jason Williams .380

- Scored 17 points and has 12 rebounds last game vs Sixers

- Scored 24 points last game vs Bobcats

Key Matchup:
Our frontcourt vs Shaq

Previous games vs Heat this year:
Thursday, Nov. 3-
W 105-102

Wednesday, Mar. 9-
W 95-90


Local TV

Local Radio

Pacers 96
Heat 90

Guess the score and you could win 10,000 points!
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Artest said:
We did it twice before, so why not?

Pacers win:

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Artest said:
What's wrong with being optimistic? I've guesse a win for 68 (or more, from last season) games straight...
Larry Legend said:
Key Matchup:
Our frontcourt vs Shaq
Hahahaha....that should be funny to watch. Almost as funny as any of our guards trying to stop DWade. The Heat are on a mission right now. In Miami? This could get ugly.

Pacers 78
Heat 96
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Artest said:
A guy with 18 posts comes here and disses someone for predicting a win??

You're making it sound like we're the worst team in the league, with us getting healthy, i don't think it's impossible to win in Miami, unlikey yes, but impossible definetly not... that's why they play the game.
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I just would like to say that the game thread is pretty f'ing good looking. Keep up the good work LL.
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haha anthony johnson = fat *** :cheers: 100% agreed

pacers 88
heat 80
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you guys have been owning us for too long. time to end that trend! lol

Heres to a good game fellas` :cheers:
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Both teams have evolved since Pacers played Heat

By Mike Wells
[email protected]
A lot has changed from the last time the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat played in the second week of the season.

The Heat no longer are trying to work Jason Williams, Antoine Walker and Gary Payton into the mix. Ron Artest no longer is with the Pacers, seen as title contenders at the start of the season, who are trying to gain momentum heading into the playoffs.

The two teams meet for the first time in more than four months tonight in Miami. The Pacers won the first two meetings.

“They’ve had a substantial amount of time together and got some chemistry,” Pacers coach Rick Carlisle said about the Heat. “They had a lot of new guys early. Even though they were full strength in the first game, they were still very new to each other. They’ve come light-years since then.”

Led by All-Stars Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal, the Heat are on their way to wrapping up the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference.

“Detroit and Miami, certainly, if you look at their records, have separated themselves from the pack,” Carlisle said. “The fact they have Shaq and Wade on the same team is really a powerful 1-2 punch.”

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Thats a sick post larry legend.

Anyway, if Pacers win it's because Zo is injured and if Heat win it's because Shaq played 35+ minutes and Walker has 15+ points.

Heat 103, Pacers 92
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Damn, since sunday we have summertime and turned the clock an hour later, so the games are starting an hour later olso. 2.30 AM while it was 1.30 before :curse:
Pacersthebest said:
Damn, since sunday we have summertime and turned the clock an hour later, so the games are starting an hour later olso. 2.30 AM while it was 1.30 before :curse:
That sucks... I'm going with us here...

only thing I can predict is a Heat win...but it will be a hard fought, exciting game IMO. :banana:
Too bad I can't watch. I have to make a magazine for my history class by Wednesday. Well, I might watch if Gill plays late in the game or I'm too frustrated.
your true starters are healthy and will start tonight. this will be a good game :banana:
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