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Game Thread: Phoenix Suns @ New Jersey Nets

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[Phoenix Suns] (47-21)

PG S. Nash - SG R. Bell - SF S. Marion - PF A. Stoudemire - C B. Diaw

Suns Individual Stats


[New Jersey Nets] (40-28)

PG J. Kidd - SG V. Carter - SF R. Jefferson - PF N. Kristic - C J. Collins

Nets Individual Stats

Monday, March 27th - 7:30PM ET/5:30PM PT- Continental Airlines Arena- East Rutherford, NJ

Suns Team Stats

Pts Reb Ast
Phoenix - [108.4] [42.2] [26.5]
Opponents- [101.7] [45.9] [18.4]

Statistical Leaders
[Scoring] S. Marion [21.5]
[Rebounds] S. Marion [12.2]
[Assists] S. Nash [10.7]
[FG%] B. Diaw [52.4]
[FT%] S.Nash [92.4]
[3PT%] L. Barbosa [45.9]
[Blocks] S. Marion [1.8]
[Steals] S. Marion [1.9]

Nets Team Stats

Pts Reb Ast
New Jersey [93.8] [40.2] [23.1]
Opponents [93.1] [40.9] [20.0]

Statistical Leaders
[Scoring] V. Carter [24.1]
[Rebounds J. Kidd [7.2]
[Assists] J. Kidd 8.5
[FG%] R. Jefferson [49.8]
[FT%] V. Carter [79.0]
]3PT%] J. Kidd [37.1]
[Blocks] N. Kristic [0.7]
[Steals] J. Kidd [1.9]
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Nets coming off a victory against the Pistons. Should be fun to watch since the Nets also have somewhat of a running game. :banana:

But no real presence in the middle should give Phoenix the win. :cheers:
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Yeah, should be a fun game with lots of highlights!! JKidd to Vince and RJ, Nash and Diaw to Marion and.....................................................Amare!!!
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I won't be here to watch it.

But it should be a good game. I hope the Suns come out blazing.
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SunsFan57 said:
I won't be here to watch it.

But it should be a good game. I hope the Suns come out blazing.


I can't watch it either/

Thursday though we play the Pacers on TNT :)

We have 4 more games after that on national TV unless games are added. Then there's the playoffs which I'll see all of.
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Yaaaay... I'm finally going to get to see Amare on national TV ^_^
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Nets go from a grinded out type of game to a run and gun type of game. That mean they COULD be tired.

Nets record was also better than I thought.
The Nets have been on a nice roll lately. But I think we can handle them.
Hey guys... Do you know that you can see the game online?:

/A Nets fan hoping for a great game....
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wow both teams have come out shooting poorly. 25% for us near the end of 2nd qrter and 35% for the Nets. 10 pt lead for them 39-29 at the point that I saw this on scoreboard.

Marion is only bright spot with 15 pts (6-7)
Ugh.. we could build a mansion with all those bricks from both teams...
lol it looks like it. also looks like we're getting frustrated. Amare/Marion both have T's.

Nets have a 16 pt lead. Their % went to 41% ours is 27% now

**** 50-31 Nets at halftime. Hope we can at least make it respectable.
ROFL...Nets up 79 To 39...Man...Suns need to improve on the defensive end. Wow.
a good team like the suns will have a bad game like this once in awhile

but seriously why does that day have to be TODAY!?

i bet all my ucash on the suns.. :cry:
Worst game we have played all season hands down.

41 points in the third quarter. We have had that is ONE quarter. 25% wow.

I don't understand why Mike D doesn't just pull Stevo, Bell, Amare, Marion and send in the scrubs.

Let's see Barbosa, Jones, Thompson, Skita, and Burke finish it for us.
upsanddowns said:
ROFL...Nets up 79 To 39...Man...Suns need to improve on the defensive end. Wow.
yeah we're not great defensively, but if we were THAT bad, we'd get beat like this every night. Which is not the case.

No team has done THIS to us before this yr or last yr.
I think God didn't want me to see this game.

I would of shot myself if I watched that.
Wow... I just want to throw up... Thankfully, this happened now instead of during the playoffs o_O
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