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Coach Steve Mariucci made it clear Monday: Jeff Garcia is the Lions' starting quarterback as long as he's healthy.
The thing is, Garcia isn't healthy. He hasn't played in two games because of a sore left leg and is still only about 70%.
Plus, the Lions face a potentially dicey situation: They play Sunday at Dallas, then host Atlanta four days later on Thanksgiving.
If Garcia starts against the Cowboys, will he be able to come back against the Falcons so quickly? The Lions don't want to keep flip-flopping at quarterback, do they?
"It's something we have to consider," Mariucci said. "It's a possibility if he plays."
Garcia made that sound like a big "if."

"I just want to get healthy," Garcia said. "That's what I'm thinking about right now. I'm not even thinking about Sunday."
"We named Jeff our starter a few weeks ago, the week of the Cleveland game," Mariucci said. "Since then, I haven't changed my statement."
I can't say I think either QB gets us a win in the next game but it would be nice to look good on Thanksgiving.
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