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Re: Garnett has to be selfish and need one more legit...

Originally posted by Penny Hardaway
creator who can do it all to succeed. I was thinking a Penny Hardaway + Garnett can do some damage in West but I am not too sure now because of Penny's bad knee. I just wish Garnett will eventually get out of the first round so he can have a taste of the 7 game series.
This is one move I agree with. I think that Penny would help KG immeasurably. Penny has a high offensive basketball IQ and would stabilize the offense right away. Too bad a trade couldn't be worked out as it would help the TWolves and Penny.

This kind of a deal would also enable KG to have more energy to finish games better, much like TMac needs for his Magic team. Both KG and TMac have to do so much that they wear down by the last minutes of the game.
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