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Do you guys think these 2 guys will be one of the most fierce duo's in the NBA in a couple of years. I love Gasol's game he can pretty much do it alll.

Battier has so much potential if he can just put all his tools together. I love the ruit the Grizzlies went in the last Draft, Trading Shareef to build around two rookies will pay off in the future.

Im just wondering do you guys think these 2 guys have what it take's to be the next Pierce/Walker sort of duo in the years to come.
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Whoever we draft needs to be a contributer quickly. As games wore on and the Grizzlies started going down their bench, you could feel the energy drop as the replacements hit the floor. I know we can't expect our starting five to play all 48. We need some serious bench depth bad. When JWill left the floor for Brev Knight, the talent and energy drop was very noticable. The same for when Massenburg replaced Gasol. Depending on who Golden State takes with #3 pick, I hope we take either Dunleavey or Gooden. Either one gives us good outside shooting plus has the size to mix it up underneath abit.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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