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I don't think you really grasp what a serious foot injury does to a post player. Just ask Yao Ming, and plantar fasciitis of all foot problems is the worst one. What we're seeing is Tim Duncan as a 35 year old player. This is what he'll look like. He literally can't plant his foot.

If he plays with plantar fasciitis for the rest of his career, he'll play like this until he is 35. If it heals up over summer, Tim Duncan will be back.

I agree though that if Tim Duncan isn't Tim Duncan for the Spurs, no titles. He has carried them on his back for all three titles and if his injury doesn't allow him to do it again, it'll be the Pistons.

As far as Ginobili and Parker becoming like Kobe, I'm sure Tim Duncan won't whine about touches in the post like Shaquille O'Neal if the team loses.
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