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Interesting title considering this thread isn't about them per say. Im just pointing out how their role on this Spurs team in relation to Duncan is simular to Kobe's in relation to Shaq after the 3peat.

Obviously, after the 3peat Shaq began phase 1 of his decline thus making Kobe the man. Im not calling the combo of Paker/Manu better or more impactful that Duncan but the **** is kinda simular. Being less moble and athletic shaqs game became more and more dependent on positioning thus making him easier to defend. As a result, the big plays were left to Kobe and the arguement could be made that he had more of an impact on la than Shaq did at that time. The same thing could be said about Giniboli and Parker..except for the impact part (cause Duncan is still arguably the best defender the league while shaq's D was at best mediocre to good in LA).

Duncan's game..much like shaq back then...has become more & more about positioning than skill. His face up game has basically disappeared outside of his jumper. And evertime you look up its Parker making big/game clinching plays. The dominance that he once showed on offense isn't there. And this will bite them in the *** this spring. There's gonna be a game every series where he has to have a dominant 29/15 type of game and not sure he'll be able to deliever.

Now, all this is really a product of injuries but truthfully his health has gotten worse over the past 3yrs. And while Parker & Ginobili will continue to pick up the slack thats not gonna be enough.....the rest of team is old as dirt.

Basically, this is a more civil way of saying "Duncan aint what he used to be and you nut huggers need understand it, embrace it and deal with it......AND SA aint repeating". But I wont go that route cause thats not my style
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