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give a nickname to players widout one...

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Give nicknames to players who dont have ne....

I could only think of one rite now

Kareem Rush- Rush Hour 2 (2 bcuz he is the second Rush in his family bhind Jarron Rush)

it may not be the best but I like it, continue and give ur own.

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Yao Ming- The great Wall of China
Twan- The Wiggle man.
Re: YO Truth

Not everyone hates Kidd.

I used to live in Phonix, loved the suns until they traded Kidd. There is my story.

Also I am not a player hater, there is not one player in the league that I hate, well maybe Kenny Anderson...
Originally posted by w-h-i-t-e-b-o-y
Kenny"Overpaid" Anderson
Yup, that one's right.
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