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give a nickname to players widout one...

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Give nicknames to players who dont have ne....

I could only think of one rite now

Kareem Rush- Rush Hour 2 (2 bcuz he is the second Rush in his family bhind Jarron Rush)

it may not be the best but I like it, continue and give ur own.

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Well my mom says Jermaine O'Neal looks like he has water on the brain so maybe his nickname could be "water head" or something.

Also, I still love the nick Ron "The Rotweiller" Artest. it fits him perfectly, big, strong, mean, and extremely aggressive just like a rotweiller.

Tim Duncan doesnt have a well known nick yet i dont think so how about "Dunkin' Virgin Island Duncan" or maybe not, since that nicknames long and goofy.

Who else?

Rashard Lewis could be "R.L. Shine" cause he "shines" on the court. (as in R.L. Stein from Goose Bump books.) Ok that nicknames stupid too.

Jalen Rose could be "Sweetness" like Walter Payton since he's in Chicago now. And nothings quite as Sweet as a Rose, right ladies?

Howard Eisley could be "Herpes" since you hate to have him on you(r team) and hes impossible to get rid of. (nasty contract, no cure for herpes yet )

Tony Battie could change his nick from "Batman" to "The Bust"

Oh, and last but not least, Ben Wallace SHOULD go by the nickname "King Kong"
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Oh, I got another!

Chauncy Billups could just use his initials C.B. then add an A to it to form C.B.A. since that's where he'll be playing before too long.
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