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This is gonna be hard for me to say but here it goes give Jamal Crawford one more chance! Pax needs to just stop and think, this year is lost and no trade will make this team a playoff team this year. Jamal may not be an elite player and is strugling with the bulls, but Jamal scores well and at times plays extreamly well. We are not gonna get anything better for him, his trade value at best alone could probably net us a JYD type of player. Jamal is not the PG for the bulls but he is an effective player who at his very best can be just as good Larry Hughs, dont laugh but J-craw hasnt really done much in his carrer to say that a larry hughs is not a valid comparison. But Jamal is still young and hes been thrue what 3 head coaches, 2 rebuildings, tons of trades, different possition switches, battling Jay Williams, Trade speculation etc. Jamal givin the time can be productive and maybe even a low calliber allstar. But if there is anyway to get J richardson for J-craw then you pull the trigger right away, Richardson has super star writen all over him, if J richardson works hard and finaly gets a good consistent jump shot he could be a healthy version of VInce Carter.

As for the twin Eifel Towers, Eddy needs more minutes granted hes a wimp in the post defensively and at times offensively, this guy is just a slap in the face and a great work ethic away from being the best center in the NBA. Eddy is young but this summer he needs to stay with the bulls and work hard with the team, this summer is going to be the most important one for these young guys. Tyson needs to bulk up big time, having weak legs and a skinny frame will damage his back more when he goes up against heavy strong centers in the league. But these guys are not busts yet.

Look for Hinrich to be the Captain next season, he plays hard and is only a rookie, numbers are not spectacular but his room for improvement kinda scares you cause you know he can drop 11 asst a game and can score even in the 20's , you cant say that his ceiling is lower then the rest of the teams, just cause hes white doesnt mean he wont turn into a super star. He can be just a slight notch bellow John Stockton, only with better offensive skills.

Look out for Ronald Dupree, this guy sometimes makes you take 3 looks at him. He looks like a keeper, he is allways consistently scoring 10 points in limitit minutes and shots, what if Skiles allows Dupree to shoot 20+ shots and 40 minutes, is 20+ ppg and say 7 rebounds a game to much to say?

And if we do get the Number one pick, there is another elton brand in the draft his name is emeka Ukafor, this guy is the safe pick, trust me he's solid, dont be tempted to get a guy like spaulding or white, Luol Deng= Corey Maggette?

Offseason means hopefully we can sign Q-tip, good rebounder and scorer, nuff said we dont really have that.
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