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As you may or may not know, Go Hard Basketball! is a simulation basketball league run exclusively here on BBF. We are about to enter the 1996-97 NBA season and the owner position on the Portland Trailblazers has just become available. Here is the current roster:

PG Penny Hardaway/James Robinson
SG Brian Shaw/Aaron McKie
SF Dennis Scott/John Wallace
PF Horace Grant/Buck Williams
C Chris Dudley/Gary Trent

Last season, this squad got upset in the playoffs by the red hot Kings. They have a very nice core for the future (Penny, Wallace, McKie, Scott, Trent) to go with a host of veteran talent (Shaw, Grant, Williams, Dudley). One of the biggest advantages of owning this franchise is the future roster flexibility, as well. If you choose to let them walk away... Dudley, Grant, Shaw, and Robinson will all come off the books this coming offseason. This way you can contend for the title this season and still blow the whole thing up if you want. The choice is yours.

If you think you might be interested in owning the Trailblazers, post some of your info on this thread.

To check out the rosters of the rest of the league, go to our new League Homepage.

If you're new to SIM Basketball or if you happen to be an old pro who just needs to know the finer details of this particular league, everything you need to know is on this thread.

Hopefully, I'll see you out on the hardwood this season!
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