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Now that troy is back, they have released goldwire. Makes me wonder why he was signed first place since he has played only 5 games. They could have just kept mcleod.. anyways doesn't matter.

just got to the top of the confrence.. hope we can remain hot.
we have been scratching around lately and the good thing is that we have managed to get a W in all the close games. each of the recent games have been very close (except the rockets one ofcourse) with our guys somehow able to play great in the last few minutes of the games.. thanks in no small part to cassell.

I had no doubts about how troy would fit in the lineup.. he would play about 20 minutes a game.. cassell would play for 30-35 mins and they both would be on court for 5-8 minutes. more than the distribution of minutes, hudson would just take the shots which cassell would take if he were in the game and would fit pretty well.
Same is the case with kandi if and when he returns. he would just
eat into johnson miller and madsen's minutes. I don't see him playing for more than 20-25 minutes in the near future. he likes to take some shots but i hope the staff make him take only very high % shots.. no 15 foot tutnaround one handed hooks.. shots not more than 8 feet away from the basket... and concentrate on defense and boards.
the thing i'm most interested (and most worried) is seeing how wally fits. He has told that he would try to ease in the system and that HE would adapt to the team and not the other way around. Now wally really needs shots to be effective. Defensively he is obviously not as good as the guys he's going to replace.. spree or mayor or hassell - whoever it is..
KG is going to take close to 20 shots and so is cassell.. i see spree's shots going down when wally comes back.. and hassell and mayor playing much lesser. It'll be interesting to see how the other guys play. I really really don't want his return to screw up whatever we have done so far in terms of playing along-side and off each other. But i trust in KG to somehow make it work.
if only wally could become a bit better defensively..........
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