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First of all, just about every Manhattan fan is happy for Bobby and wishes him the best at SHU.

It would be a shame if anyone on the current Manhattan roster were to transfer, but that stuff happens. I don't think Bobby is going to poach anyone from the team. He owes much of what he has to Manhattan...and Bob Byrnes in particular.

If Bobby were to take CJ, Artie, or X-man to SHU, it would severely damage his legacy in Riverdale...maybe he doesn't care about that, but I think he does.

Now when it comes to recruits, that's a different story...he may take some along with him, and I think that they are fair game.

Manhattan will get a good coach - my guess is Fraschilla simply because Fairfield has been in a holding pattern, ostensibly waiting for Fran to see how the Manhattan situation played itself out.
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