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Good Luck

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to Manhattan tonight Kick some butt and make the MAAC proud. This is a tough match up but I hope the MAAC lives to play another day :banana:
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Thanks doggy...but MC just didn't seem to have enough to get it done. It was impossible to follow the game with the stupid ESPN webcast blackout...was depending on 3rd hand info on the ODU board for updates throughout.

I'm not clear on the details, but I think Manhattan had tied it up in the last minute, but fouled with 22 seconds left, or something like that...either way, it was a good season...Hopefully CJA will be back and we'll get to see if the proclaimed-by-raver "best recruiting class in MAAC history" can match up against MC's four sophs...

The MAAC season is officially OVER.....
cheers VC and hope the off season improves your school, for some reason I feel it may be a tough off season, but what the hell I have not really been right on any of my feelings this year. :cheers:
That is indeed what happened VC...

"Manhattan's Devon Austin attempted a long three pointer with four seconds left that barely missed the goal" (down by 2 I think at the time)

I'd like to know how far is long and what "barely missed" means...O well...Great run and congrats.
Congrats to the Jaspers on a nice run in the NIT. They did the MAAC proud.
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