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There might be something worse than Jamal Crawford's shot selection.

It's his team selection.

Crawford chose to leave the Chicago Bulls and sign for big bucks with the Knicks last summer. You know how they scored that one, don't you?

Turnover, No. 11.

When Crawford's old team plays at the Garden tonight, it'll have the East's third-best record and the NBA's No. 1 mark (33-15) since Jan. 1. The Bulls are headed for the No. 4 seed in their first playoff appearance since Michael Jordan called Chicago sweet home.

Meanwhile, Crawford's first season in New York will end in another 11 days, making him 5-for-5. Five seasons. Five lottery appearances.

"They've all stepped up," Crawford said last night at the Meadowlands, referring to his former teammates. "They play really hard. Coach (Scott) Skiles really has them playing well."

But the Bulls' success without him also doesn't reflect well on Crawford, who was deemed expendable by GM John Paxson last summer. During his four seasons in Chicago, Crawford played for three coaches who didn't have the word "interim" before their title. All three tried to convince him that he didn't have to put the ball up the minute he stepped over the midcourt line. All three attempted to get him to play some semblance of defense. All three failed, miserably.

But Isiah Thomas saw something in Crawford. Exactly what is still unknown. Because as Thomas' first big free-agent acquisition for the Knicks, Crawford certainly hasn't given any indication that he'll be a major player in the future. Most of his memorable plays have involved him throwing the ball off the backboard to himself for a follow-up shot.

Not exactly the stuff of NBA legends. Maybe schoolyard legends. But the Knicks are paying $56 million for a player who will finish the season shooting less than 40%.
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