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I saw this article and thought it was interesting. The middle part is essentially what I was saying in another thread. It also talks about Bosh & Lebron possibly signing extensions with their current teams sooner rather than later.

NBA AM: The Grizz Are Ready To Deal

By: Steve Kyler Last Updated: 2/5/10 9:42 AM ET | 1874 times read

The Grizzlies Are Buyers: The Memphis Grizzlies have been one of the best stories in the Western Conference, going 25-14 since getting out to an awful 1-8 start to the season – that's winning 64.1% of their games.

Few teams have been hotter than Memphis and that heat has the Grizzlies looking for additions as the trade deadline approaches.

The Grizz are unlikely to pull off a blockbuster move, but if a team wants to shed a contract in exchange for a draft pick... The Grizzlies hold three first round picks in the 2010 NBA draft and are open to dealing according to General Manager Chris Wallace.

"We're mulling over our options," Wallace said to Ron Tillery of the Commercial Appeal. "We've got some potential opportunities. As I've said before, it'll have to be something at our terms. We're in a race. This season has gone well so far, particularly at home. On any given night we're capable of beating anybody on the schedule.

"But at the same time it would be good to get some reinforcement for the stretch run. ... That's why we're aggressive in trying to see if we can find someone who can help us."

"We'd like to get a guy that could come into the rotation and help," Wallace said. "It could be scoring. It could be a competent, well-rounded player. The only exception could be a young player with tremendous upside. We'd like to augment what we have. Whether that happens remains to be seen."

The Grizzlies have been linked to Utah's Ronnie Brewer, Miami's Dorell Wright and most recently to New Jersey's Chris Douglas-Roberts.

The Grizzlies have their own draft pick which based on the standings today would be the 13th overall pick. They also hold Denver's pick which looks to be the 27th pick and the Lakers pick which looks to be the 29th pick as things stand today.

The Grizzlies are willing to outright absorb a player for the balance of the season, without sending out an salary of their own, making them a very attractive trade partner as the February 18th trade deadline approaches.

Leaning Toward Extensions: It is romantic to think about free agency. An infinite list of possible scenarios. Fans get caught up in it. An owner's dream of who they could poach from other teams. Surely as this summer's possible free agent class has proven teams will do some crazy thing to get themselves in a position to play the free agent game.

It shouldn't be too surprising two of the gems of the 2010 free agent class – Chris Bosh and LeBron James - are starting to waffle on their commitment to go shopping this summer and are sending out signals that a contract extension might be the best answer.

At some level, we all want to believe that winning matters most. That our heroes and favorite star-level players want to win and be in situations to win; however, the NBA is a business first and as we've seen over and over, players go where the dollars are first and very few players leave money on the table.

Chris Bosh is off the trade market. Sources close to the situation say not only is he happy with the direction of the franchise, but that he is open to doing a new deal in Toronto, something the Raptors are more than willing to do.

Cleveland's LeBron James is playing some of the best basketball of his life and the Cavs are rolling through teams. Sources close to that situation say if the Cavs can make a major trade that brings in the believed 'missing piece' the Cavs might also get James' signature on an extension, well before New York, New Jersey or Miami has a chance to give their free agent pitch to him.

Why the change in course? Maybe it's the appeal of staying in a situation you know and control. Maybe it's the fear of the unknown. There has been a lot of "doomsday" talk regarding the labor front, things like a radical reduction in salary cap, a radical reduction in maximum salaries, even a lockout.

Next year's unknown will affect this year's free agents, mainly because teams that would be trying to build a winner around a LeBron or a Bosh may not be able to get all the pieces in one shot. With the rules looking to change pretty dramatically in the next 16 months none of these guys are willing to drop their current teams to get marooned in a new situation.

Keeping Bosh in Toronto and LeBron in Cleveland will be major wins for both franchises. It will also change the landscape of July's free agent class as the team's hoping to steal one or both may have to start looking at the next names on the list. Memphis' Rudy Gay and Atlanta's Joe Johnson may see a lot more interest if Bosh and James ink deals before July 1st.

Neither player has an extension in hand, but you can bet after the dust settles on the NBA trade deadline those talks will resume as it seems both players are at least open to the idea, something neither seemed remotely interested in back in October.

Trading Brandon Bass? The Orlando Magic signed forward Brandon Bass to a four-year, $18 million deal this past summer and at the time Bass was viewed as the answer for the Magic at power forward – a traditional bruising big that could help take the rebounding pressure off Dwight Howard. Six months later, Bass has logged exactly 372 minutes of game time and not logged a single minute in 21 of Orlando's 49 games this season.

As the trade deadline approaches, Bass' name is being mentioned more as a tradable asset, but even the upset Bass feels like he can help the Magic and doesn't want to be traded.

"I signed here because I wanted to win championships," Bass said to Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel. "I took less dollars because I wanted to win. But it eats at me, because I can't contribute to the team."

"I know I'm good enough to play. I know it's the coach's decision to play how they want to play. Some days I'll be down on myself worse than others. I'm trying to overcome that," he said. "If I stay down on myself, I just hurt myself. I just try to be prepared and ready. … Even if I don't ever play here, I'm going to be that much better. It's going to make me better either way."

Brandon doesn't think he will be moved this season, for many of the reasons that brought him to Orlando.

"I feel like I'm the piece that last year we were missing. I would be shocked if something like that happened," he said. "In my heart, I felt like this was the place for me. After the playoffs, I thought about being here. Things aren't going right for me, but things can change."

Bass' agent Tony Dutt has been preaching patience to Brandon, pointing out he came to a title contender with an All-Star in the lineup in front him.

However, even Dutt admits that if things don't change this season, he'd have to urge the Magic to explore trading his client in July.

"If things keep going the way they are through the rest of the year," explained Dutt. "Then I think the writing's on the wall."

Both Dutt and Brandon say they want to see Bass remain in Orlando at the trade deadline, but with Bass clearly not fitting into Stan Van Gundy's style of play and with the Magic having won seven of their last eight games, the odds of a change in Brandon's favor seems unlikely.

The Clippers Job: The L.A. Clippers finally did the inevitable and removed Mike Dunleavy as head coach, naming Kim Hughes as the interim coach.

The move on the surfaces screams of "too little, too late" but the Clippers are not out of the playoff hunt yet at 21-28. There is little doubt they have a steep road to climb to close the seven-game gap between themselves and the eighth-seeded Oklahoma City Thunder.

Dunleavy will stay on as General Manager and oversee the team's trade deadline talks and possibly another draft.

There has been speculation with HEAT president Pat Riley unwilling to commit to another multi-year term with the HEAT that Dunleavy could end up in Miami as Riley's eventual successor. That may not sound good to HEAT fans, but there is no doubting Dunleavy's ability to recruit players as free agents, make decent trades and looking at his draft history, he's done a very good job finding NBA-ready talent.

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Ace --

I agree that Bosh and Lebron will go for the money. Now, the real question is do those guys take their $130M to stay with their own team, or do they want a sign and trade? No question in my mind though, there is little to zero chance they will take the 5-yr, $90M which is meager by comparison. If the Cavs can snag Iggy, then I definitely see Lebron wanting to stay. Iggy is probably the closest thing to a Scottie Pippen in today's NBA, and I'm sure Lebron sees him as the perfect do-everything player to support him for the next 5-10 years.

Dwayne Wade, Joe Johnson, David Lee, and Carlos Boozer are different stories however.

If Wade comes to Chicago, he stands to make a ridiculous amount in endorsements; even more than right now. Can you imagine the marketing that the Chicago boys, Wade and Rose, would get? IMO, Wade could take the 5-yr, $90M in Chicago and compensate for the additional $8-10M through endorsements or at least come close. Plus to play for a more promising team.

As for Joe Johnson, Boozer, and David Lee, they aren't getting max dollars anyways IMO. JJ and Boozer might come close, but Lee won't. So what's their incentive to hang around or wait around for S&T?

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True, I think Wade & Boozer practice together in the offseason though and Miami seems committed to bringing Boozer in so that may be a situation that rectifies itself. I also think that the endorsement thing is a bit overblown, sure Wade will get more local endorsement money in Chicago than Miami, maybe several million but these guys are national and international stars at this point and the local marketing isn't going to be some huge payday. Wade in a larger market of Chicago isn't going to be that much more well known than he already is, basically a household name for anyone who ever watches the NBA. So, I don't think Wade will take a pay cut.

Johnson will probably get a max deal, he already turned down a 4 year 60 mil extension from the Hawks. When teams strike out on Lebron, Wade, Bosh, they will still have money to spend and pressure to spend it. I think Boozer and Lee could come very close. I hope we go after Lee because he is the red headed step child of free agents, he led the league in double doubles last season, is doing it (or close to) doing it again this year, he is a leading rebounder year in and year out, he hustles and plays every night, plays a smart game. He gets knocks for playing in D'Antoni's run & gun offense but I really don't think it helps him that much. He also gets knocked as being a bad defender, he is a little undersized and not incredibly strong, I think he is a decent positional defender.

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