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I am not sure this guy has much value but he remains unsigned possibly to be included in any deals the Wizards may be contemplating for the remainder of the offseason.

The Wizards still have one roster spot left with 14 active players on their roster. Popeye or Grizzard could be 15. If they are delaying signing Grizzard, it makes sense to wait until they have depleted every trade option.

Just a thought.

Players on roster, no particular order:


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As good as Popeye was last year I just don't see us signing him considering two factors. First, he is injury prone and last year was an exception and not the rule. Second, he wants a multi-year deal and I just don't see us doing it with the L8 contract already under our belt.

The idea that we are not signing Grizzard may be a trade or may be that we are taking a wait and see with his injury.

Since second year contracts are not usually gauranteed, I don't know if either reason actually holds water.
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