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Lamar Odom, Kwame Brown


Mike Miller, Lorenzen Wright, Hakim Warrick

Why the Lakers do it: The Lakers are in need of more quality players and more cap flexibility. This gives the Lakers a very good spot up shooter at SF without losing the ballhandling of Lamar Odom. Hakim Warrick gives them a young prospect at SF/PF. Lorenzen Wright gives them a moderately productive replacement for Kwame and 1 year less of salary committment. The Lakers will save about $12 million in cap space next year and still have the option of using their 2006 MLE without killing their 2007 capspace.

Why the Grizzlies do it: The Grizzlies get the rebounder they need in Odom and although he is not the bruiser most Memphis fans want he allows them to pick up the pace even more. Odom also gives the Grizzlies the ability to take advantage of matchups by putting Odom, Gasol, or Battier on the block or running the high-low with Odom and Gasol. Kwame Brown gives the Grizzlies an upgrade with their backup PF/C that is young without a long term contract.
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