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Well i have been thinking around about what can do the grizzlies to improve their team and try to be a contender soon. this are some of my notes:

-Trade the 4th pick for 8 and 12 of clippers. Why do that ? well, i think they can get 2 valuable players with that position. they should have more depth and power from the bench look what they can get:
With the 8 they would get butler, wagner, jared jeffries or Maybyner Hilario
with the 12 they would get Borchardt, Amare Stoudamire, or may be Qyntel Woods

i Would draft Jeffries with the 8 and Borchardt with the 12 to fill center.
with my 2nd rounders i would draft a 7 footer and the best prospect available
Afther that, i think they should trade Swift,Dickerson,Anderson to Miami for Eddie Jones and Eddie House or Laphonso ellis
Afther that, make a strong rush for bench Help in the FA, some FAs may be interested on join Grizzlies now than Jerry West its running the show, i think they should go for a veteran SG for depth on bench, here are some available
BruceBowen (Player option)
Bryon Russell
Erick Strickland

i think they can go signed for the veteran exception or even less. Look at what they would have:
Battier/Jeffries/Laphonso Ellis?

Jeffries can play both forward positions, battier can play 2 or 3, russell can play D and knock down some shots. And i would play Knight instead of Jayson in crunch time due to his ball handling, even if he is not a good shoter.
obviously its hard to get all this done but i think a option. this theam probably would be better than Seattle, Phoenix and Utah and should try to make a playoff run this year (they are not going to have a 1st round Draft Pick next year, so try to win most now)

post your replies about how possible is this, or more hints about how to improve memphis team.

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Carlos710, none of that would work. Why would the Clippers want to trade 2 picks just to get one, when everything after the first two selections are equally the same. I think the first 15 selections are so deep that a team can't go wrong anywhere. The Clippers are more in need of a point, so it wouldn't make any sense for them to trade their picks just to draft a player other than a point. The deal you mentioned about the Grizzlies with the Heat wouldn't make any sense for Miami either. There's no way the Heat are gonna depart with a proven player to get a player(Dickerson)that they don't whether he would be able to play again. That would be the same as them getting rid of a then healthy Alonzo for former uncertain Grizzly, Big Country Reeves. With Big Country's uncertainty injured back there was no way any team was gonna make a trade to have him on their roster. I think if any deal came down with the Grizzlies there's no way Dickerson is going to be involved because of his uncertain injury. I'd hate if we traded Swift at all, but I think any team will jump on him and a second round spot, without us even having to mention our first round pick. I think people are mistaking themselves by giving up on Swift so fast, because when you think about it, last season was actually the first time he got to play real minutes. I think we should at least give this guy another half of a season to prove what he can do, and if we're not satisfied with his production then, then we make a trade. But, none of us are the man in charge, so I guess we just sit back and wait to see what's gonna happen on Wednesday. Hopefully we keep the pick and go with Butler.
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