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No thank you. Fortson is a great rebounder, but he is actually a horrible defender. I would rather just stay with what we have and go after a center in free agency.

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Actually take Hoiberg out and put Crawford in.

Fortson is a MONSTER rebounder,but he lacks on D!On the other hand Fizer is gonna be a GREAT role-player in this league,and Crawford is gonna be an ALL-STAR if not SUPER-STAR!

How about the Heat trade A.C. and Gill for Crawford?:rolleyes:

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Fortson may be able to rebound, but he can't score for s*it is fat as a dumpling and plays defense like a pussy cat. Fizer averaged 13ppg last year and a few rebounds. Fizer is a way better player than Fortson, so if they want to trade him they could get a much better player than Dumplingman.:yes: ;)

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2001/2002 unless otherwise noted:

Fortson(4/5) Born 1978:
42.8 FG% (Career 46.5 FG%)
79.5 FT%
11.7 RPG
11.2 PPG

Fizer(4/3) Born 1976:
43.8 FG% (Career 43.4 FG%)
66.8 FT%
5.6 RPG
12.3 PPG

Both are about 6'8" and 260 lbs.
Neither block shots.
Neither play good defense.
Fortson @ 5 mil
Fizer @ 3 mil
Fortson had an injury 2 seasons ago but played 77 games last season.

Personally I think the Fizer post scoring advantage is overstated.
Given past performance and what I want for a backup 4 on the Bull, I prefer Fortson.
Best case scenario: Fizer gets a heart transplant and plays more inside and then I wouldn't want Fortson or someone similar but so far there has been no reason to believe he'll change. Maybe Baxter will provide the incentive.

Hoiberg was a throw in to make the cap work. After mid July he won't be necessary as the Bull will be able to absorb the salary difference when new cap #'s are used.

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