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hey i was wondering if anyone would like to help me make a raptors web site?

if we work hard we can have it done before summers end. I mean this site could include game recaps, box scores, on players etc. We can also have a chat room included in the site.
We can have daily news about the raptors etc and have a direct link to If Ron would support it we can have a fun time with the site. If anyone would like to help me with a small Raptors site. Nothing too big, something we can go on check news, chat live etc....if anyone is interested let me know....

with the new writers wanted thing....we can have a raptor columnist write every week and we can have it on the main page...if anyone is interested in reading....

again i dont want to make this site too big...but im lookin for people who are interested in helping....

that is it.....thanks.......


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Umm, I tried one last year, but it didn't work out and I ended up scrapping it. It was my 4th website, 1st alone (I did 3 others with my friends on video games), and I just didn't have time in the end. But since it's the summer, <b>if you're dedicated</b> I think you can make it work out.
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