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Hamilton wants to stick around, and is working out

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New article from the post.

A couple of choice quotes...

"Richard has expressed his desire to remain with the Wizards long term and that the Wizards make that same commitment to him by extending his contract this summer rather than letting him become a restricted free agent after this season," said Leon Rose, Hamilton's agent.

The decision on Hamilton might not be solely based on potential salary-cap issues, though. The Wizards have been pushing the wispy-thin Hamilton since he was drafted seventh overall out of Connecticut to make more of an effort to get stronger in the weight room and improve defensively and could be waiting to see how he does in both areas before doling out big money.

Hamilton, according to several team officials, has been a regular in the team weight room at MCI Center this offseason and is noticeably stronger and somewhat bigger. He also has hired a chef to prepare meals to help him add weight.
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I'm going out on a limb with this but if Rip adds some size and strength he could become the next ICE MAN yeah I said it he has a great scoring IQ,with the added size to push through defenders and d-up he could average easily about 25 pts per game which makes him an elite sg, he has said that the ICE Man was his favorite player if this true we maybe seeing part 2.
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