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A sound beating of a much lesser team, even with the 26 TOs. I am pretty much happy with the way everybody played, and although the TOs are an obvious negative, I'm guessing that we won't see that many TOs in many other games this season.

Thoughts on a few key players.

Oden - loved the energy, defense, and rebounding he provided. It looked like a different player out there. 7 TOs surprisingly didn't bother me too much considering what a force he was otherwise.

Roy - Struggled with his outside shot, but still was clearly the best player on the floor. He'll get his game back soon enough.

LMA - Refs seemed to take him out of the flow. The offensive foul call on Scola's flop was atrocious.

Miller - like the way he directed the 2nd unit. Too many TOs for my liking, but he'll be an asset to this team over last season.

Outlaw - Travis' best all-around game in some time.

Webster - did exactly what is needed of him and played good defense on Ariza. Seems to have shaken the rust off already.

Good teams win ugly games, and that's what we saw last night.
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