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Hartford notes

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Traci Carter and Malik Ellison were best friends in high school when they played together.

Coach Gal said this is the best freshman class he has brought in.

High expectations for frosh Flowers.

Gal said Miroslav Stafl is the best offensive down low player he has brought in.

Malik Ellison's father was basketball great "Pervis".

On the women's side:

Senior Lawrencia Moten's father was ex NBA'er Lawrence.

Junior Liz Garcia's (who has been out injured her frosh & soph years) brother is Andrew Garcia who plays for Stonybrook.

Completely different women' team for first year head coach Valley.

Their best player (Abed) graduated. The next two most productive players Jade Young and Sierra Dicosta (went to East Carolina with ex-coach) have both transferred.

No one who will start has played more than 2 minutes before. Expecting a very transitional year.
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anxious to see whether the hype is real with these new additions...
Me too!

I follow flowers Instagram account. He posts some amazing dunks on there.
AJ Gray also has been getting hyped up on twitter as well, kid has some hops... if all these guys end up being for real, they will actually be a nice surprise in conference play...
Henry and Moses look legit in their first 2 games. Traci Carter hasn't shot well, hope he can start sinking them in. Games like last night make you realize how badly they miss a 'go-to' down the stretch in Ellison. Long season to go, but they have shown some nice flashes so far. The future of this team looks bright as long as they all stay with Hartford
someone posted earlier could be a multi week absence. He's in a boot, so that could mean anywhere from a week to 2-3 weeks. Hopefully he's back next week
OT Notes, Ex Hartford commits, Vasic and Petrusev.

Vasic looks to have fully recovered from his ACL tear, still in a reserve role for Charlotte.

Petrusev is absolutely dominating for Gonzaga avg nearly 20 pts and 9 rebounds...
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Hartford seems to have been brought back down to reality. Any word on Ellison? This has now turned into a 4 week absence basically, this sounds like an extensive injury...
I've always wondered why most teams are so quiet on the injuries on their players. I can understand in the pros, but, in AE college basketball, it wouldn't hurt to acknowledge at least some sort of timeline for their player. Unless they did already and I missed it somewhere. The team seems to be entering a slump, it'd be nice to know as to when they will be getting their so called 'best player' in the lineup...
heard on the broadcast on Saturday that they are targeting a Thursday return for Ellison
Ellison looked good. A little rusty, but, solid player. Reminds me a little of Nwakamma. Same size, body type, with better athleticism.
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Kingman has been out injured this season. Was supposed to make a big impact this year. He already had his knee surgery 2 months ago and today has shoulder surgery. Hopefully he will be good to go next season.
so can he redshirt? or not at this point as a JUCO?
solid solid win for the Hawks. Team win. Bench push in the first half was really good to see. See what happens when you find PJ Henry minutes? He makes plays. Although this was a nice bright spot for the team, PJ didn't see the 2nd half, which was surprising. I really like DJ Mitchell, but I think Gal can find a better mix of sprinkling PJ in during games to find scoring chances. DJ has been off the past 4 games. I get it that PJ is primarily a PG, and Gal wants to use him to spell Carter, but he's gotta find time for the freshman. He plays well! anyways, don't want to take away from the solid win. Hope they keep the momentum going against UVM and gives them a really good game
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I've always felt CCSU was a better fit in the AE. would make for a nice CT rivalry
I dunno why this is bugging me but, espn has Ellison listed as playing 10 games when he's only played 9...
Ex Hartford player Eddie Davis is averaging 9 pats 6 rbd for the Citadel.
Seems like he's finally healthy, was able to stay healthy throughout camp. good for him. he wasn't going to see those minutes in Hartford if he stayed
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Looking forward to seeing AJ Gray next year in a Hartford uniform:

equally excited. also been thinking how they will use him. He's basically the same player as Flowers? Is Flowers or Gray skilled enough with the ball to run an offense? Will it be a mix of Henry and Mitchell at the Point and play three guards with Flowers and Gray as the other two and then Stafl and Marks as bigs?
my biggest fear on next year still remains that one of the future 4 (Henry, Flowers, Stafl and Marks) will not end up staying and transfer to a school in a better conference (i.e. A10)...
What a get if they land Frazier... 6'5 combo guard... it's a nice acknowledgment from his dad, but it's no solid commit! He has a ton of offers too.. Hope he signs
Ratislov ( Rasta) Sipkovsky is visiting Hartford today. He played on the same prep team as Stafl.
saw that as well. Not as tall as Stafl but, he's more athletic it looks like. Looks like a more polished version of Boxus..
Solid if the verbal is there from Rasto 6’8-6’9 Forward with athleticism. Should compliment Stafl and Marks nicely. Agreed on Williams and Kingman. Already excited to see how next years team formalizes there roster
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wow their bigs are all set... Stafl, Dombek, Marks playing wing and big... great length and have some athleticism. Adding Rasto to that will be a nice touch...
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