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According to ESPN Insider the signing of Pat Garrity suprised everyone.

Because now it looks like the Magic have around $36.5 million for next summer. If the salary cap stays around $40.5 million, the Magic won't have the cash it takes lure Duncan to Orlando next summer.

Here's how their salaries break down in 2003.

Grant Hill: $13.3 million
Tracy McGrady: $13.3 million
Mike Miller: $3.4 million
Garrity: roughly $3 million
Steven Hunter: $1.4 million
Ryan Humphrey: $1.1 million
Jeryl Sasser: $1.0 million

The move also puts the Magic perilously close to the luxury-tax threshold this summer. Free agent Keon Clark is heading to Orlando soon to meet with team officials If the Magic toss their mid-level exception ($4.5 million) his direction, not only will they wipe out most of their remaining cap room next year, they'll pay a pretty seriously penalty this year in luxury tax fines.

The team tried to clear some room Wednesday by waiving Jud Buechler. However, the move will really only buy the Magic about an extra $1 million in cap space. The team is also hoping that Patrick Ewing will retire, which would clear out another $2.3 million in room. Horace Grant, who was also considering retirement, told Magic owner Rich DeVos that he'll return next season, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The Magic have talked to Toronto about sign-and-trade options for Clark, but the Raptors are in a similar position to the Magic. They can't afford to take back extra salaries because of tax issues.
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