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Help has arrived for the Memphis Grizzlies in the form of Jeff Green, who will surely assist the team in their attempt to conquer the brutal Western Conference.

Green’s ability to score will ameliorate the Grizzlies’ stout offense, but he won’t necessarily cause a revolution for his new club defensively. Memphis had its best offensive rating in their franchise’s history even before Green came aboard, but their grit and grind identity defensively seems to have eluded them this season; they are currently the 11th best defensive team in the league.

At 28-11, the Grizzlies are in third place in the Western Conference. Only two teams have been inclusively better on both ends of the floor than the Grizzlies, who are ranked 11th offensively and 11th defensively — Golden State (fourth offensively and first defensively) and Portland (sixth and third, respectively).

Memphis is accustomed to playing stifling defense annually, as they’re only one of two teams (Chicago is the other) that ranked in the top 10 in defensive efficiency each of the past four seasons. While Marc Gasol has emerged as the fulcrum of the Grizzlies’ soaring offense, their defense has recently slumped.

Through November, the Grizzlies ranked fourth defensively, allowing an impressive 97.8 points per 100 possessions. But since Dec. 1, their allotted points per 100 possession has spiked to nearly 105, which ranks 22nd in the league.
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