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Now that owner Mickey Arison has given Pat Riley the OK to exceed the luxury tax threshold this season, Riley is going hog wild.

The Heat, who hold the 10th pick in the draft, are actively trying to acquire a second first-round pick at the end of the first round. "There are a lot of players at the end of the first round we like," Riley told the Sun Sentinel.

Riley said the wealth of athletic big men in the draft may push the Heat toward drafting a center or power forward at No. 10.

"There are a number of big players we like," Riley told the Miami Herald. "The perimeter players and point guards [who could be available at No. 10] have been a little questionable."

Listening to Riley, it seems like he's leaning toward Indiana's Jared Jeffries, Curtis Borchardt or Nene Hilario. "I think as a big man, he's exceptional," Riley said of Jeffries, who also will work out for the Heat Friday. "Hilario has the kind of gifts you don't see come around very much. Borchardt is very impressive. He reminds me of [Indiana's] Brad Miller. He can shoot from outside. He comes from a great system, which is high on our list. He's ready to play."

If the Heat go that direction, they'll be able to address their small forward needs via free agency. Donyell Marshall, Rodney Rogers, Bryon Russell, Devean George and Tyrone Nesby are all unrestricted free agents this summer.

"We're as active as we've ever been in a lot of different scenarios," Riley told the Sun Sentinel. "While we're planning for the draft, we're speculating on free agents and trade scenarios. We've got as much going as we ever have."


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