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Heat improve to 3-0 in Summer League

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The Miami Heat beat the Detroit Pistons to improve their Summer League record to 3-0. It was an ugly and low scoring game.
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Yeh, that accident he was in where his friend died and his g/f got paralyzed/
Eddie House, if we resign him. I sure hope we do. Recker will be nice to have he can be another voshon lenard but white lmao. Hopefully devean will sign. Im looking for mike james or william very to join the team as well.

Btw... Has anyone heard rumors about Keon Clark and Larry Hughes wanting to play for us?

I remember reading that keon clark chose miami and like two othe teams as his final destination
Well Keon wants to play for orlando or miami because he has a house in south florida.

Hughes is a rumor.

Best agent said "Miami is a great place for travis"
Yes, well this post was made awhile ago not lately ;)
Well he has only played in a couple summer league games.
He hasnt been briliant on the offensive side, but ownage on the defensive side. But we arnt complaining because he is coming off an injury and needs time to get with the program.
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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