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heat want a small forward

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Heat: The team will consider offering a portion of its $4.6 million exception to an unrestricted free agent small forward, the Miami Herald reported. Options include Donyell Marshall, Rodney Rogers, Bryon Russell, Devean George, Lee Nailon, Walt Williams, Tyrone Nesby and the Heat's Jim Jackson. An associate of Portland swingman Bonzi Wells, a restricted free agent, said Wells would be interested in speaking to the Heat when negotiations are allowed to begin July 1.


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They can draft one in Woods or maybe Butler will fall.
yeh but it would still be nice to have bonzii lol
Bonzi is gonna want way more then the $4.6 exception,he'll prolly want close to the MAX!It would be AWESOME to see him in a Heat uni next season,but I DONT see that happening!I think we can buck George from the Lakers though!

Then all we have to do is draft Woods or Wagner and were set!
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Great pick by the Heat on Caron Butler! Holy cow... props to all Heat fans, good job.
I don't think the Heat want a small forward anymore now that they got my boy Caron Butler. :laugh:
Caron Butler a.k.a ,what the fans were screaming at da draft party, da next PAUL PIERCEEEE
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