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which he'll probably lose the first summer league game. :)

The 6-foot-11 Henson weighed in at 216 pounds during the Chicago draft combine, a number that did little to allay the fears of league scouts and executives.

But Henson is up to 224 pounds now and believes he will be able to hold his own as his body continues to develop.

The former North Carolina star, selected 14th by the Milwaukee Bucks in the June draft, gets an important test this week at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.

"The one thing about him is he's not afraid of contact," said Bucks assistant Jim Boylan. "Will some guy back him under the rim? Sure, somebody is going to do that to him.

"But he's got tremendous length and a way to maneuver his way around through the contact and still be a presence at the rim. He's gone up and gotten a few impressive rebounds above the rim. . . . I think he's going to be OK.

"He's got to make an adjustment to the physical guys he's going to be playing against on a nightly basis. He's a rookie. He'll have his ups and downs and he'll get bruised a few times. At the same time I think he's going to block shots and he's going to be an effective guy around the basket."
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