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March 31, 2006
bob kravitz
Here are more Pacers to retire

Have they ever missed Reggie Miller more than they do now? Who would have thought the Indiana Pacers, once mentioned as a bona fide title contender, would so desperately need this old man, with his spindly legs and his professionalism and his huge heart?

At this time last season, when the post-brawl madness had this franchise reeling, Miller put the Pacers on his back and willed them into the NBA playoffs. Now, with the Pacers falling to the ranks of the sub-mediocre, with Jermaine O'Neal hurt again and Jamaal Tinsley intent on playing his way out of Indianapolis, the only place to find Miller's jersey was high in the rare air of the Conseco Fieldhouse rafters.

From Boom-Baby to Boo-Baby.

A shame, really
Full Article...

Go PaCeRs!!!!!!
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