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Warning - Long Post

Incredulously we are 5 - 5 since Christmas but Lord knows how when 4 of our 5 starters shoot under 40%

We are 5 games out of the 8th spot

5 measly games

Assuming we keep that status quo until Pippen and Chandler come back , and assuming they can contribute , we could be going into the trade deadline very much in the hunt for the 8th spot

So.. let's assume we close the gap and we are only 2 or 3 games out from closing the gap and over this span of the next 18 odd games - we've closed that gap with Pippen and Chandler and we are still not getting what we want on a consistent basis out of Crawford and Curry

Do we deal one or both ?

And if so , who would be our likely trading partner ?

For a moment let's assume its Jamal + ERob / AD for a $8M to $15M package

Here is who I think will be our competitors in the East trying to improve themselves

Heat, Knicks, Milwaukee, Cleveland , Raptors and Sixers

You could therefore reasonably kiss goodbye any chances of dealing with these teams - No Eddie Jones + Caron Butler trades and no Tim Thomas trades. And while we're at it no Big Dog trades

I guess the only teams that will deal from the East to us are those teams that are likely screwed for the season and are structurally flawed and need to deal for the future ( in what they may like in our individual pieces )

Teams like Orlando and Atlanta - but the problem is is that short of TMac for Orlando and perhaps Theo Ratliff from Atlanta there really isn't much worth trading for

Teams in the East that are going to the playoffs are not dealing either .. so alas, no Ron Artest , Al Harrington ( even if we take Austin Croshere )

The net result of all this is that I would be extraordinarly surprised to see anymore Eastern Conference to Eastern Conference trades this season. Not now.

The solution ?

Look West young GM's

We have pieces - we don't have studs and so the reality is is that the only teams that will be looking to deal are those that are likely to be out of the playoff race that are looking to acquire pieces or acquire future cap space , or teams that desperately need to rebalance to have a chance of competing in the playoffs

Teams like ... ( in order ) Portland , Dallas, LA Clippers , Golden State , Seattle - these are the teams that those that are bottlenecked for a playoff spot in the East should be looking at as their trading partners

We all know that Rasheed Wallace is a hot commodity

Who in the East may have the right package for him?

Cleveland ? The Knicks ?

And let's keep in mind that Portland will have around $9M in cap space this summer if they renounce Rasheed and $22M the summre after when Stoudamire and McInnis are off the books . You really think they want Keith Van Horn for the next 3 years ?

You really think if Cleveland are trying to get to the playoffs they give up one of the only few genuine Centers in the East in Illgauskas having already dealt Chris Mihm ? I mean I like Tony Battie but this would not be a clever move .. particularly considering the play they have been getting from Carlos Boozer

Would Rasheed be more available if you were prepared to take on Ruben Patterson and his $19M over 3 seasons left after this one ?

What about a 3 way with Atlanta that sees Atlanta with Antonio Davis and Marcus Fizer , Portland with Theo Ratliff, Eddie Robinson, Chris Jeffries and Jamal Crawford and the Bulls with Rasheed Wallace, Ruben Patterson and Chris Crawford ?

What about Dallas ?

They need interior defense in the worst way . The fact is is that Shawn Bradley does alter shots when he's in but he's weak on man on man post and guys like Earl Watson block his shots on the offensive end

Let's not beat around the bush - they are not progressing in the playoffs unless they trade some offense for defense

Antonio Davis ( for defense and need requriements ) + Jamal Crawford for Michael Finley or Antawn Jamison. Michael Finley seems to be a no go and not available to anybody unless Cuban gets Shaq back .. so it looks like Antawn could be available if you want him but if your dealing AD and JC for the no defense playing Antawn Jamison ( and he's shocking ) then Josh Howard has to be given up

Its doubtful that the Clippers and Golden State deal - they seem pretty comfortable with what they have and to just let it mature but You'd still like to ring Elgin Baylor and see if he would give you Wilcox and Richardson for Curry and Crawford

Which leaves us with Seattle .. who are soon to have salary cap riches the season after and therefore would not likely want encumbrances beyong that point

What about

1. Antonio Davis for Calvin Booth and Brent Barry?

Or Antonio Davis plus Antonio Daniels to Atlanta, Theo Ratliff and Jamal Crawford to Seattle and Rashard Lewis and Calvin Booth to the Bulls ?

You decide :

Antonio and Jamal for :

1. Wallace and Patterson
2. Lewis and Booth
3. Jamison and Howard

or just Antonio for :

4. Brent Barry and Booth ?

or Eddy and Jamal for

5. Wilcox and Richardson

If we're not looking at "potential" and are just tooling up for the playoffs .. I say trade #4 is the one to do

A solid back up defensive Center who is a shotblocker and rebounder to replace AD and a desperately needed shooting scorer who can also get his own shot and set up on the perimeter for others in Brent Barry

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i have a strong gut feeling that Richardson is the next big thing just waiting to Explode but maybe its just me..also in my mind he would be the star we all need to lift moral...

the way you talk about Brent Barry makes him sound like a nice fit(to bad we didnt keep him in 98 lol) but he's a UFA after this yr and 2. his old,so i cant say i would give alot for him...

out of the 5 to me 5 and maybe 2 seems to add something now and thats maybe able to grow into something really nice soon without causeing to much would be 3 but Jamison's D could hurt more then help but AJ stright up for AD and maybe a pick its a deal...

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I concur give me Jamison + Howard. The rest of the deals shortchange the Bulls cause Crawford + Richardson look like similar players to me and Curry will be better than Wilcox in the long run.

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Originally posted by <b>Sith</b>!
only deal i like is JC+AD for jamison+josh howard, i dont wnat finley. hes washed up and OLD. josh howard is a stud too.

well if we trade JC,AD for AJ,JH we really take from one spot and add to another.that would leave us with Kill,Pree,and Joshy(if he could play SG) at the #2.

then it would be a HUGE HUGE log jam at SF

Pip,Fizer,JYD,C Jeff,Erob,Pree,Josh,Jamison

true a few of these players can play the SG or PF alswell BUT DAM thats a log jam if i ever seen one..we would have to do a 2nd trade to land a C and SG in order to bring a balance to the roster.....
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