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I swear, I was thinking back to my childhood and I noticed how much I watched Ron Popeil's. He's a monster in the sales game. He had an 5 year old black kid watching his programming 4:30 every Saturday morning religiously. My mom was lucky, I didn't get my hands on her credit card because I would've bought something from them.

I really wonder though, what's next for him? He's shut the kitchen product infomerical think down so badly, that he forced Jack LaLanne to come back from retirement. I'm sorry Jack, but you don't measure up. You're damn near senile, Popeil on the other hand looks the same all these years later.

Maybe it's because I'm weird, but I could seriously see this guy selling crack on an infomercial and making me buy it. Not only is he so enthusiastic about what he sells, but the audience is always so damned happy.

I mean do you remember what this..

Did to onions? Genius! Maybe I just had a weird childhood and I clung to anything, but this guy made an impact.
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