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I hope Hinrich doesn't hit that proverbial "rookie wall" but if he continues to play these kinds of minutes, he's going to pretty soon.

But on another note, Curry looks to be getting himself in good shape, he played 44 minutes last night. He should've went for 35+ last night. The fact that the Bulls played 2 different types of basketball last night hurt that. In the first half they were looking for Curry down low, and in the second half they decided to play keep away and perimeter ball. I still don't understand why don't they keep going with what works in the first half, they always seem to shy away from what works. I don't think having your 2 PG/SG's go 2 for 11 from behind the arc, constitutes for going away from the post game and playing the perimeter game in the second half and in overtime.

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from The Daily Herald 2.01.04:

Sitting in the locker room before the Bulls' fourth game in five nights, Kirk Hinrich said he felt fine.

The rookie guard got an assist in dealing with the fatigue this week from the NBA referees. On Friday against Golden State, Hinrich fouled out with 4:55 left in the third quarter. In Denver on Wednesday, he was hit with 3 fouls in the opening 8:06 of the contest.

"He's a very good defender and good defenders usually get away with a lot of stuff," Bulls coach Scott Skiles said after the loss to Golden State. "He's watched very closely. I'm not sure why.

"Obviously, out of 6 fouls, there has to be some legitimacy to some of them. But I also know there were 2 or 3 that were a joke."

In the first three games of this road trip, Hinrich averaged 25.3 minutes. A blowout Tuesday against the Clippers also kept his playing time low.

"It's really getting frustrating," Hinrich said. "Everybody talks about the fact that rookies don't get any calls. I guess you kind of expect it. But I don't know if I expected it to this extreme."

"You talk about that stuff, they deny it," Skiles said. "Nothing's predetermined. Nobody's a rookie. Nobody's a superstar. They're calling the game straight out, supposedly."

Right now, Hinrich just wants to stay in a game for more than 30 minutes.

"I was sitting over there thinking what have I got to do to get these guys to respect me," he said.

That's an easy one. Come back next year.

is it me or did this lack of respect from the officials get worse after skiles called him the best defender and best player. before that it was about his reckless abandon (whheeeee) and now it's B.S. calls! i don't know. he looked pretty good in the first half last night then in the second he couldn't buy a bucket. and yet he still manages to record his SIXTH DOUBLE DOUBLE of the year. funny how no one had a single expectation of him and now...well, guess he showed us.

hinrich frustrated:|

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There's no if Hinrich hits the rookie wall:

This is it folks. There is no lift on Kirk's jump shot, and he just looks slow going to the hoop. Do you guys remember at the beginning of the season how he was just running around players -- those days are long gone.

Right, now KH is playing on fumes and heart. The fact that he is able to contribute at any level should be taken as a sign of what he will eventually acomplish in the league. This list of players with better pro-builds who have gone down includes basically every rookie besides Hinrich and Melo. My odds are not in favor for Kirk lasting the entirty of the season.

I am confident that Kirk will come back strong next season with an off-season to add bulk. He's already shown dead-eye range, and the ability to take it to the hoop when he has his legs under him. Right now, all we are watching is "vetran" moxie.
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