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Hornets acquire Courtney Alexander

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For the 17th pick. Good move I think as it will give them a good #2 guard ready to play. Some say he's a head case, but I don't know.
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You wanna give a freakin link? has it also... Now the Wiz will be definite playoff contenders.
Originally posted by Mr. X

Charlotte has already said that Baron isn't going anywhere. An article about it was on a few days ago. Baron Davis is staying with the Hornets. Charlotte did it so that they'd have a good guard off of the bench. And if Mashburn gets injured again, Alexander can come in at SF and give them double figure scoring.

The Wizards were stacked at SG with Hubert Davis, Rip, MJ, and Courtney Alexander. Great trade for both teams.
Jordan still wants to play backup SF to Rip, well at least that's what I heard. The Wiz will probably start Welsch at PG though. Look for Davis to hardly get any PT.
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