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What moves should the Magic make this offseason to get bigger?

  • Trade for Karl Malone (details below)

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Trade for Danny Fortson and Erick Dampier (details below)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Nothing at all

    Votes: 4 80.0%
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Why not? You guys can say what you want about The Mailman, but he's still a HELL of a player--and his contract is up after next season--AND the Jazz don't want to suffer the fate of the Bird-McHale Celtics or the Jordan-Pippen Bulls and get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return for The Mailman (and Stockton) when these guys retire. Here's how the Magic could get Malone, who would be a BIG HIT in the smaller Eastern Conference, and who would give Orlando a legit inside scorer who is OBVIOUSLY used to playing in an up-tempo offense:

Karl Malone to the Magic; Mike Miller, Darrell Armstrong, Andrew DeClercq, Horace Grant, Patrick Ewing, Don Reid, and Jerryl Sasser to the Jazz

The Magic could THEN go out and sign another big guy for CHEAP, somebody who could play about 24 minutes/game at C, somebody from the list below:

Lawrence Funderburke
Mark Blount
Vladimir Stepania
Sean Marks
Brian Skinner
Michael Doleac
Hanno Mottola
Kevin Willis
Carlos Rogers
Loren Woods

The best options here are obviously Mark Blount and Brian Skinner--I'm guessing Blount ends up with the Knicks, who are hard-up for a C and can give him more money than can Orlando--and Skinner is a decent veteran, anyway, he doesn't have to be a star or anything!

So you trade for The Mailman and sign Brian Skinner to a totally reasonable contract (say, three years, $5 million)--you THEN re-sign Troy Hudson (since you're losing Darrell Armstrong in the Malone trade, you're going to need Hudson to play a lot of minutes for you off the bench). Ladies and gentlemen, HERE ARE YOUR 2002-03 ORLANDO MAGIC!

PG Jacque Vaughn (28 minutes/game)
SG Tracy McGrady (40 minutes/game)
SF Grant Hill (28 minutes/game
PF Karl Malone (32 minutes/game)
C Brian Skinner (24 minutes/game)


Troy Hudson (20 minutes/game at PG, 8 minutes/game at SG)
Pat Garrity (20 minutes/game at SF, 8 minutes/game at PF)
Steven Hunter (12 minutes/game at C)
Olumide Oyediji (12 minutes/game at C)
Ryan Humphrey (8 minutes/game at PF)

2002-03 payroll: $55 million (barely avoiding the luxury tax)

The move also works out financially--because The Mailman's $19.3 mil contract comes off the books after next season. You'll THEN be far enough under the cap to make a decent offer to somebody else who can help out inside--say, $6 mil/year. Somebody like Brad Miller, Jeff Foster, Elden Campbell, PJ Brown, Kenny Thomas, or Juwan Howard. THEN, if The Mailman was working out for you, and if you were working out for HIM, you RE-SIGN The Mailman to a reasonable extension (say, three years, $20 million). Your payroll THEN is around $50 million--which is about right for a contender. I personally think Jeff Foster is EXACTLY the sort of big hustling rebounding selfless role player that this team needs, and he'll be a LOT less expensive than those other guys. Let's say you sign Foster to a contract that will make him and his entire family VERY happy--say, 5 years $25 million. AND, keep in mind that the Magic have at least TWO first-rounders next season, their own and Sacramento's, PLUS they will be getting a #1 from the Clippers SOONER OR LATER (probably in 2004) as well as a #1 from the Wizards SOONER OR LATER (probably not until 2006, though, so never mind about that for now). Here's what Orlando could look like in 2003-04:

PG Jacque Vaughn (28 minutes/game)
SG Tracy McGrady (40 minutes/game
SF Grant Hill (28 minutes/game)
PF Karl Malone (28 minutes/game, down from 32 in 2002-03)
C Brian Skinner (24 minutes/game)


Troy Hudson (20 minutes/game at PG, 8 minutes/game at SG)
Pat Garrity (20 minutes/game at SF, 8 minutes/game at PF)
Jeff Foster (18 minutes/game at C)
Steven Hunter (6 minutes/game at C)
Olumide Oyediji (6 minutes/game at PF)
Ryan Humphrey (6 minutes/game at PF)

You're much better off only getting a combined 18 minutes/game from Hunter, Oyediji, and Humphrey (these guys aren't very good, people, and they never will be) instead of 32 minutes/game (which is what they were getting in my projections above). And it would be FANTASTIC if the team could come up with a "point guard of the future" with one of their two first-rounders, don't you think?

ANYWAY, the thing is, the Magic AREN'T going to be able to get Tim Duncan next offseason, I think we all should know that by now. And the Pacers AREN'T going to let Jermaine O'Neal go, either. And MAYBE the Clippers re-sign Michael Olowokand, maybe they don't--but if they DON'T, it's because his asking price will be RIDICULOUS--and PEOPLE, you DON'T WANT TO GIVE MICHAEL OLOWOKANDI A LOT OF MONEY! The dude looked good down the stretch this past season BECAUSE HE WAS PLAYING FOR A BIG FAT CONTRACT! As soon as somebody gives him that big fat contract, it's back to being a frustrating underachiever!

SO, the best big guy 2003 free agent options besides Duncan, O'Neal, and Olowokandi are:

Elton Brand (who will get the max from SOMEBODY, so the Magic can't afford him)
Juwan Howard (I don't know, guys, JUWAN HOWARD?)
Kenny Thomas (Houston won't be able to afford him)
Elden Campbell (I never have liked this guy)
PJ Brown (I DO like this guy, but his career is winding down)
Tyrone Hill (uh, NO THANKS)
Jumaine Jones (an interesting player, but can't play C)
Clifford Robinson (Detroit will re-sign this dude)
Brad Miller (another overpriced big guy who you don't want)
Alonzo Mourning (hmmmmm.... intriguing...)
Derrick Coleman (run away, run away!)
Jeff Foster (my personal favorite out of this bunch)

SO, as you can see here, the Magic will be better off addressing their need for some inside help a little now (The Mailman) and a little later (Jeff Foster) rather than just later. I think The Mailman would be a great fit here--he gives the team a legit #2 scoring option, he can play in an up-tempo offense, he is a great passer for a big guy, he wants to go out in style (rather than hanging around Utah, going to the lottery, and breaking Kareem's scoring record), and he actually gets to be the #2 scoring option for a legit Finals contender (obviously better than the #1 scoring option for a lottery team).

The OTHER alternative, which I proposed a few days ago, is the trade with Golden State for Danny Fortson and Erick Dampier. Which isn't TERRIBLE--but, come ON, would you REALLY rather have Fortson and Dampier over The Mailman and Jeff Foster? REALLY?

Oh yeah, the revised Golden State-Orlando trade is:

Danny Fortson and Erick Dampier to the Magic; Andrew DeClercq, Steven Hunter, Jerryl Sasser, Horace Grant, Patrick Ewing, and Don Reid to the Warriors

The 2002-03 Orlando Magic would THEN look like this:

PG Jacque Vaughn (28 minutes/game)
SG Tracy McGrady (40 minutes/game)
SF Grant Hill (28 minutes/game)
PF Danny Fortson (32 minutes/game)
C Erick Dampier (24 minutes/game)


Darrell Armstrong (20 minutes/game at PG, 8 minutes/game at SG)
Pat Garrity (20 minutes/game at SF, 8 minutes/game at PF)
Brian Skinner (24 minutes/game at C)
Olumide Oyediji (8 minutes/game at PF)
Troy Hudson--not re-signed
Ryan Humphrey--no PT for this crew

2002-03 payroll: around $50 million

BUT, you're STUCK with the salaries of Fortson and Dampier until 2006--which means that you CAN'T go out and sign a guy like Jeff Foster in the 2003 offseason. I mean, this Golden State trade seems to beat the hell out of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but I think I like the trade for The Mailman (and the Jeff Foster 2003 offseason signing) A LOT BETTER!

What do you fellers think? LET'S HEAR IT!

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Originally posted by OZZY
Long post dawg! No bad:yes:

But I don't think the Magic will NEVER trade the heart of there basketball team that is Darrell Armstrong, you don't hold on to a guy that ment so much to the organization and then cut him when you might be good. They will not trade him, but it would be sweet to get Karl but I would not trade much from him, the only player I would trade is Miller but the Jazz probably don't want him.
This is a business, dude. Darrell Armstrong is HARDLY untouchable!

Vote, people!
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