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I remember discussing a particular issue of SI several years ago on a college basketball USENET group. Anyways, in 1986 (or was it 85?) the college basketball edition had a very unique and interesting article about the best future basketball players in grades 6-12. The article was a photo spread over two pages, with a picture and a short caption of each player. I was young at the time, but I remember reading that article quite a few times. The mag was probably thrown out.

Anyways, I don't remember most of the players, but here were some (there may be a few mistakes):

12th - Marcus Liberty (played for U of Illinois, then left early, had a short pro career)

11th - Alonzo Mourning (Georgetown; Hornets, Heat)

10th - Barnabas James (didn't pan out, ended up going to a small college)

9th - Kenny Anderson (Georgia Tech; Nets, Celtics, Sonics)

8th - Damon Bailey (don't remember if this is correct, but this was a big issue. This article was released after "Season on the Brink," a story of Bobby Knight and his Hoosiers. Anyways, Knight claimed that Bailey could start for his team as a 6'0 8th grader. Bailey played for U of Indiana, the several pro teams.)

And that's all I remember. I've always wondered how many of those players made it to the league. I remember the 6th grader being compared to Magic, becasue he had great handles and always smiled. All of the players pictured would have finished college by now.

Anyways, if you remember the article, reply, or if you can post a copy, please do.

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