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Good post Northeast, well I think everything is coming along pretty nicely we will surprise a little this year,

with MJ - 45 wins with the new players were going to be better and more athletic than last year and even if MJ is completely healthy or plays a significantly lesser role we will be solidlly in the mix all year, there won't be as big a drop off as last year when Jordan isn't in the game we will be improved.

without MJ- 30 wins will be a good year I see some of the same things plaguing us again but not as bad we'll only win 30 or so without MJ mainly because we can't replace the scoring but we'll be in most every game we play , Rip will hyave a really good year and JJ ,Kwame and Etan could really emerge more likely Etan and jj and dixon will be solid, Kwame will be much improved but still at least 2 years away from becoming a star,

Knicks -Push Mcdyess won't stay healthy
Magic-push GHill won't stay healthy
Celtics-Better more confidence especially if they get Baker
Nets-worse sliightly teams will gun for them and kidd will be dogged by FA questions.
Heat- push Butler an upgrade but Mourning and Grant don't play well together
raptors-Better Vince healthy will return them back to year before's form,
sixers-worse to old to many injuries to many iverson questions
bucks-better will rebound from last years debacle too much talent their
pacers-Isiah will lose job,young guys will complain about pt miller will criticize young guys.
Hornets- better Alexander will really help them\
cavs- Worse because they want to be worse
Bulls- much better, young guys mature more and williams will be solid
Hawks-worse Shareef is a fraud franchise player bad chemistry with Terry, has talent but bad mix
Detroit-better Billups, Okur and White will help this year become deeper
Wiz -better Mj knows what to expect young talent added, young guys mature
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