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Not a lot, apparently. Let's do a quick comparison of the preseason poll and the current standings in the Horizon League.

(No specific reason for just helps keep the text aligned.)

                      [U]Preseason[/U]     [U]Current[/U]
Illinois-Chicago         1st          5th
Wisconsin-Milwaukee      2nd          1st
Butler                   3rd          6th
Detroit                  4th          4th
Loyola                   5th          7th
Wright State             6th          2nd
Wisconsin-Green Bay      7th          3rd
Youngstown State         8th          8th
Cleveland State          9th          9th
The same has been true for the preseason national polls. We saw Missouri and Michigan State both debut in the top 10 (or was it 5) in the preseason, but then just fall out. The polls can't tell the story anymore until the season is over.
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