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How The NETS Can Improve?

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Heading into the playoffs, the question is: How the NETS can improve?

Any team can improve, but especially, the NETS.

Sure, they're playing some of the best ball in the league. But it can get better!

How much better? Let's figure that out!

The suggestion box is now open. I'll start off with a few suggestions ... open it to the floor ... and end with my comprehensive summary.

When the NETS need a tough basket that can't be blocked, go to RJ's reverse stiletto jam under the hoop. No one I know can block it. Deception and the hoop itself shields the shot from would-be blockers. RJ has a very compact and efficient jam.

RJ, who is otherwise a very competent free-throw shooter, gets more than his share of 'and one' free-throws tacked on to his made shots, but often botches the third point. Maybe, he feels guilty for all his prosperity. Concentrate on making that extra point. It helps and rounds out your 'plus one play.'

Similar suggestion for Kurly (see RJ on the and-one FT). In addition, Nenad should take pointers on the baseline reverse jam and running the break and jamming. The more he uses the hoop or backboard itself to shield the shot from blockage, the easier his easy close-in shots are going to go down. The better he will finish. Keep working on pulling down the tough rebounds.

VC can take over a game. When he's in a zone ... and unconscious ... the other side is toast. It happened to the Heat tonight. Only thing is that VC has lots of space from distance because he shoots well beyond the arc from downtown. He's got the range to do it. In fact, he's got a strong enough physique and size to hoist it consistently from long-range. When it goes down, it's beautiful. But try to practice more high-percentage ball for the playoffs. Remember, he who lives by the trey - also dies by it! At least the NETS are nursing a lead lately when VC launches his heroics. Reverse layups and jamming suggestion as with RJ.

[To be Continued]
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