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First my friends on March 19th and now the Pope. I think you all know i am a big catholic and care about the church. It's been a really really bad last few weeks as you can imagine.

Last few days have been really hard for me. A father figure passing away and i've been in bad spirits each day, crying and worried about the future. I'm only 20 years old, i don't know a world without this Pope. I don't know what is expected with a new Pope. How will the world be ? I've been in shock, and tonight, i told my parents, that i can not stay in the United States at this moment and have to go visit and say good bye one last time. Therefore, i am going to miss this week of school and work, and travel to Rome, for Pope John Paul II's funeral.

It will be alot of money, and i will miss alot of school time. But seriously, what is all that worth compared to seeing the Pope funeral? Is it even anything to compare it to?

I will be leaving Tuesday from Toronto Pearson International Airport, to Amsterdam, Holland, then switching flights and flying to Krakow, Poland. There i will see my friends and family, and together group of 5 of us will travel to Rome on Thursday.

I have had money saved up for Myrtal Beach, but obviously i have cancelled my plans with my friends and girlfriend so i can go to Rome. That money wasn't enough (i had 400$ saved). My parents will pay the rest for me for my travels.

Wish me luck, this will be a very hard week. Maybe tuffest week i've ever dealt with in my life. But i need to do this. I hope my teachers will understand. But, i really need to go, and be with friends and an expected crowd of 4 million people who will attend. I will try to get as close as possible. I will take pictures and share with you guys. I will pray for all of us.

It's not something i am looking forward to, but i am happy with my decision to go and pay my final respects and my final good bye. It will be a week to remember.

Also, those who said in pervious threads on "who cares" or whatever. This has hit Poland so hard, Polish President annouced today that this week is "Week of mourning". Schools closed this week. Many stores closed. Most jobs closed. Banks closed. Post office Closed. The most popular "techno radio station" on the net has turned off their internet feed and shut their club down until TBA. Polish soccer sites have special tribute pages up instead of real soccer content. It's hit alot of us really hard but i am glad i will be able to go and be with my friends and family and when i arrive i will see my grandma, who loves the pope like you wouldn't believe, and then i will go to my church where i first started going back when i was a little kid and pray there (pope actually visited my church few years ago it was amazing) and then head to Rome.

I will try to go to an internet cafe sometime during the week if i have some free time and say Hi. Wish me luck, i never thought i'd have to do what i will do this upcoming week.
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