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I bet any money that Kobe is gonna shock everyone and....

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play like hes never played before.Hes gonna prove to the haters,critics,analyists,coaches etc that hes not OVERRATED and is ONE OF THE BEST IN THE LEAGUE without Shaq.

Shaq most likely will miss the beginning of the season cause he said he wants to wait to get surgery till the end of the summer.(the lakers are begging him not to but whatever hell do what he wants)

Everyone will see Kobe Bryant take over.Right now hes definitely working out and getting better this whole summer.Hes gonna be 24 soon and hes just gonna get 100 times better then he was last season.

Yes I know I vent about Kobe a lot and complain but really its so frustrating to see people bash him and see how noone gives him credit for anything.
I wonder if he hears all this crap people say about him on the radio and tv. He probably doesnt give a crap what people say about him cause he knows what he can do. People talking just makes him more determined and motivated to be better and prove people wrong.

Im done with my kobe venting for now!
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We Lakers fans want ot see Kobe Bryant come out and have an incredible year next season. So that their won't even be an argument about who is better.

I do think that T-Mac is a great player, I just don't understand why people started talking about him being MVP and the best in the league this year, when he had a way better year last season.
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